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Go on an adventure...

Go on an adventure…

It doesn’t have to be an epic, super-expensive thing, just a little bit outside your comfort zone.

I’m currently thinking about World Wide Knit In Public Day, a day when you shamelessly show off your craft out in the wild.

While I’m quite happy knitting in public, this year I’m thinking about walking and knitting and creating a piece responding to the environment I walk in.

It will take some planning so that I make sure I have the right equipment with me on the day and that I can safely walk and knit (yes, sometimes both at the same time), without putting myself and others in danger.

It’ll certainly take me out of my comfort zone, but I’m hoping it’ll be a lot of fun.

Obviously, I have a lot more planning to do before the 8th of June, choosing the route and thinking about how I’m going to record the journey in knitting, but that’s all part of the fun.

Going on adventures, (the carefully planned, or the more spontaneous), is one of the things I really enjoy, how about you?